Stoneware Jug - Charcoal Glaze

Stoneware Jug - Charcoal Glaze


The initial idea and design for this jug was Minimal, rustic and functional. With a pinched neck for improved pouring. The shape was also designed to fit with a coffee dripper making the combined duo one unified and functional form. Looking balanced and elegant whilst brewing your coffee at the right temperature and ratio.

This jug will make your daily routine a meditative moment holding your coffee, water, lemonade or whiskey - it’s for you to decide.

This jug is made in stoneware and is food safe - glazed, made from durable materials & suitable for use in a dish washer or microwave.  As with any precious ceramics though, we advise hand washing when possible and usage with care.

Dimensions: Ø 11 cm H: 13 cm

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