“If we can create better, functional and sustainable products in life that sparks our inner creativity. Then that is what we should do”
— Cathleen Nyman


As a Swedish artist and designer Cathleen has three main genres that she explores. Ceramics, Graphic Design and Illustration. Commencing her career in the arts she expanded into the commercial areas of design and ceramics, once her degree in product design at the University of Oslo was completed.

The work she produces in ceramics ranges from wholesale and private orders to gift sets and one-off pieces.

See some of her work here or get in touch.

Illustration and Graphic Design lies at the core of what Cathleen identifies with. Her degree allowed her to cross over disciplines and today she works with private clients, newly started businesses as well as established companies in developing their brand, artwork and presence. Her range is broad and versatile where she works with the client through the entire design process to create the appropriate branding for you.

See some of her work here or get in touch.

Cathleen has additionally worked with traditional art and takes commissions on occasion and has featured in some galleries in and around Glasgow.

See some of her work here, for fine art enquiries we'd recommend a lead time of 6 weeks for any project.