The Story,

When Cathleen was 6 years old there's a short recording asking her what she wanted to be when she grew up. The two answers were to either work with dolphins or to become an artist. Although still completely adoring animals her career took her in a direction which defined the style and finishes in her work today. Growing up in Sweden, Scandinavian design has always been close to her heart. Something portraying this clearly is the simplistic and minimalistic approach to her work.

Her creative career began as an art student in Sweden and was closely followed with a  degree in Product Design, Norway. The University in Oslo offered a hands-on design focused degree where she learnt and developed skills in ceramics, wood and metal. She knew that she wanted to work hands-on as an independent maker, artist and designer. In 2014 Cathleen moved to Scotland and three years later she decided to start studio CN, an artist and design studio based in Glasgow, Kinning Park. Cathleen works across disciplines ranging from traditional art & graphic design to 3D design with projects and products aiming to make a home functional yet beautiful.  

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Cathleen Nyman